May 312014

We started the morning with un chocolat chaud and breakfast. Everyone had slept well and the teachers were pleasantly surprised at how quickly everybody was up, dressed and ready to go! Could it be the lure of the market?

We arrived in St Omer and practised our French as we wandered around and bought some souvenirs and the latest trend this year seems to be brightly coloured sunglasses! You’ll need shades just to look at them, parents, beware!

Then it was back on the coach and un petit pause while we travelled to Sanctuary Wood trenches and Tyne Cot War Cemetery.


‘The cemetery was so large, it shows you how many people died and that everyone loses.’

‘Neither side wins, one just gains more land; they both lose people.’

‘It’s amazing how many people gave up their lives for us.’

‘It’s fascinating how old the trenches were and how well-preserved.’
Sam H

‘People entered the war without knowing what they had volunteered for.’

‘When we went to Tyne Cot it hit home how many had died.’

‘It was humbling how young the soldiers were.’
Laura S

‘Even though I didn’t know anyone I still felt sorry for them.’

‘Never forgotten.’

The mood was lightened as we moved on to Ypres and the chocolate shops. Then we had supper before a long, emotional but amazing day culminated in Will and Mary laying a wreath for Rose Hill at The Menin Gate.


Click here to see Will and Mary laying the wreath

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May 302014

imageIt was an early start and a very yellow coach that heralded the beginning of this year’s French trip. We had a smooth crossing and made our way to The Block Haus in Eperlecques where we encountered many relics from the Second World War, most of them prompting incredulous reaction amongst the pupils. Our visit started with us standing in the cattle carriages, used to transport prisoners to extermination camps. It was a humbling experience as we stood, listening to the audio sounds and exposing ourselves to a tiny fragment of the horror of the holocaust.

imageAfter that we moved onto the Block Haus itself, passing bombs and tanks on the way. The sheer size of the building took our breath away and we listened to the tour guides and went from sunny warmth on our backs into the cold, dank building where so many prisoners had died trying to fulfil Hitler’s dream of launching the V2s on Britain. Again, the sheer size and scale of the place left many pupils open-mouthed.

imageAfter our visit we climbed back into the coach and set off for the chateau where we are staying. After finding our rooms, it was soon time for supper and then some games outside to stretch our legs.

It was a long day and most of us were ready for our beds. All the pupils settled well and it really was a great start to our excursion.


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May 202014

On Friday 16th May, Year 4 went to Boulogne for a trip.

We left Rose Hill at 7:30 am and it was a long journey to the ferry. On the ferry it was also a very long journey to France. When you were on the ferry you were able to spend some of your money. When we got to France we got on the coach again. It was about a one and a half hours to get to Boulogne. When we got to Boulogne we went to the beach and on the beach we had lunch and after lunch most people played rounders and football or sandcastles. After lunch we got back into the coach and went to town. In town we went to the cafe and we were allowed to go to the stalls on the street – we spent a long time at the stalls! After we had spent all our money we got back on the coach and went back to Rose Hill. My favourite part was the beach!



Caitlin (Year 4)

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May 202014

IMG_2842IMG_2882On Tuesday 13th May Year 7 went to Canterbury Cathedral with Mr Booth-Jones and Mrs Skottowe. We went on a very long drive to Canterbury in the minibus. When we got there we watched a short film about the history of the cathedral which was interesting. After that we had a short break. Then our guide, called Val, gave us a tour around the cathedral. The cathedral was huge.  We went in to the knave which had the perpendicular style of architecture. This meant that it was built between 1377-1489. The knave was huge and gave you an impression of light and space. We saw the place where Becket was killed by the four knights. It was called the Martyrdom. There was a modern sculpture of two swords and a broken sword point in a row. The sword was broken because the knight who had that sword hit it so hard on Becket’s head that the sword broke.


Afterwards we went to the Crypt. The crypt was a quiet place. The windows were small and the arches were short and rounded. This meant the style of architecture was Norman. It was built between 1066-1189. We saw a life-size statue of the Archbishop. You could tell he was an Archbishop because he wore a mitre on his head. In his right hand he carried a sceptre and in his left hand he carried a Bible. We went to the Quire the style of architecture there was Early English. We knew that because the pillars were medium high, the windows were small and the arches were slightly pointed. This meant it was built between 1189 and 1307. Afterwards we felt hungry so we had an early lunch. Then we went back around the cathedral and filled in a sheet about the cathedral. After that we went to the shop and spent our money. Then we went back to school on the minibus.



Kaylan (Year 7)



IMG_2912On Tuesday 13th May Year 7 visited Canterbury Cathedral, along with Mr Booth-Jones and Mrs Skottowe. When we arrived we were shown into a room where we watched a film about Canterbury Cathedral and what happened there. This film told us everything we needed to know about Canterbury cathedral and Thomas Becket. We learnt about the different architecture in the different parts of the Cathedral. We also learnt about who built the cathedral and when they built it. The film also explained about Thomas Becket and Henry ii and their connection to the church.

After the film we were given a tour of the Cathedral by a lady called Val. Val gave us a more detailed tour of the different rooms of the Cathedral. She showed us the Nave, the Cloister, the Chapter house, the martyrdom, the Crypt, the Quire, the Trinity House and the Anselm’s Chapel. We also answered questions on these rooms after lunch. In the Nave, Val pointed out that the architecture was perpendicular (the pillars tall, the windows large and the arches pointed) She also told us that this architectural style was from 1377-1485 so Thomas Becket would recognize it. We were shown around the other rooms including the room were Thomas Becket was murdered.

In this room there were three swords set up in a display which represented the four knights who murdered Thomas Becket. The middle sword is split in half. This is because when the knight slammed his sword down on Thomas’ head, this split his skull in half. The blow was so hard that the sword cracked in half. Below the swords there is a small brick table with four small notches on it. These notches represented the four knights; the table also had 2 candles on it. Below there was the word Thomas. Overall it was a great dayand I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you to Mr Booth-Jones and Mrs Skottowe for taking us.


Mary (Year 7)



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May 202014

imageStick to the path.

That’s what all the signs said.

To his left, to his right- Danger. Stick to the path.

Rory wondered what they all meant, what they were there for. As far as he was aware, the woods near his house were just that- woods. Well, as far as he was aware. He had gone in to investigate further. Just because, last night, he could’ve sworn he’d heard someone shouting “help!” deep down in the forest. Perhaps the person was injured. Climbing a tree and fell- simple enough. Of course, there was always the other option. Rory did not like to think about that. It was as he’d been leaving that he thought about it. He’d lived in the house on his own for three months. Moved in December just gone. He planned to not tell anyone where he was going.  The villagers would try and stop him- still, they’d have a hard job. He had been told countless times why they felt the way they did.

They were all over fifty years old. Had they been there their entire lives, warning people to stay out? It was stupid, but it was closer to the truth than Rory had come so far. It was only as he was opening the door, about to walk off, that he considered the other option.

Throughout his time living in the house, he’d had repeated warnings from all the townspeople: ‘Don’t go into the wood.’ ‘Stick to the path.’ ‘Be ready.’ He had often wondered what the villagers were talking about. Today, he hoped to find out. Rory was extremely keen to get out of the woods before sunset. What-? How did that happen? A mist suddenly seemed to have fallen across the path, an eerie sense of instance. Rory looked down at his watch. Nine PM? How did it get that late already? He’d left the house at ten in the morning…and that only felt like a few minutes ago. How could eleven hours have passed in the space of five minutes? Rory decided to turn and head home. He spun on his heels and began to walk, quickly, back down the path. And that’s when he realised his house wasn’t there anymore. This wasn’t the way he had come in. The path back to the moors was literally…gone. Where was he? How had the time passed like that-? And what was that faint breathing he could feel, pressing down on the back of his neck…?

Owen (Year 8)


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May 062014

photographerThe whole of Rose Hill School had a school photo on Tuesday the 29th April. After second lesson the whole school went up to the field and were put in their places. The Deputy Headmaster held up a light reflector for the camera man to take a picture. The photographer took photos with two cameras and three times. The school has not got the photo back yet. Kindergarten are in front of the teachers they are the youngest year.


Thomas (Year 5)


On Tuesday 29th April, Rose Hill School had a school photo. At the school photo the men put us in certain places. They were telling us to make sure you are looking in between the heads of the two people in front of you. Then they took about six photos. Then we got down row by row. He said ‘Carefully now’. At the bottom Mr Russell was holding a chair and we all got on to the chair and then jumped on to the ground. Then we went in and had break.


Millie (Year 3)

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May 062014

School roseAt Rose Hill the difference between Year 2 and Year 3 is quite large but for everyone Year 3 is a new world, whether you were in the pre-prep or you’ve only just joined the school. For everyone Year 3 is a fresh start: new teachers, new friendship groups, new classes and new rules. The general feel of the school is very similar; the happy, bubbly and exciting atmosphere is all the same.

There are many differences that the pre-prep who then come into the prep school experience, one of these (that is always a favourite) is the food. Of course it is the same amazing Jerry’s food but you have a choice and can spend as long as you want over your food (within reason, or Mr Long will be at you!)

Another favourite change is the games and PE Time Table. In pre-prep you have one PE session a week as a class. In prep school you still have one session a week of PE as a class but you also have 2, hour games sessions as girls or boys. Year 3 and 4 have games lessons together and Years 5-8 have games lessons together. For boys these games lessons include: football in the first term, rugby for the first half of the second term, hockey in the second half of the second term and cricket and athletics for the last term. For the girls Games includes: Hockey in the first term, netball in the second and Rounders and Athletics in the last term.

Another big and exciting change is the clubs. In pre-prep you have some sports clubs and Rainbows and brownies. But in prep school you have many new and brilliant clubs with new teachers and different activities. For Example: This term I am doing Rounders, Journalism, Choir, Scholars art.

In Year 2 you may be worried about Year 3, I definitely was. I shouldn’t have been, the Year 2 and 3 teachers really help you to get ready for your prep school life. An example of this would be that you have many days visiting, interacting and learning with the Year 3 pupils and teachers.

Many people also get worried about getting lost or going to the wrong classroom (but it is not that big). Most of your classes are in the same room (your form room.) You don’t need to get worried, your teachers, classmates and other pupils in different years help you out.

I hope this article has been useful to you and that you look forward to joining year 3 and Prep school.


Mary (Year 7)

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May 062014

Welcome to Year 3 at Rose Hill. As a pupil here you can ask any teacher a question or tell them a worry, the teachers will teach you what to do and will explain everything to you! The teachers will try to help you. You’ll get a timetable and that is the same every week. The older pupils are willing to help you as well as the teachers. They are happy to show you around if you are lost and late for a lesson. You will have sport most days and you will have plenty of time to change. You will not need to have a packed lunch as the school will provide it for you. The food is very nice and there are lots of different options to choose from. Sport at school is one of the best times in the school day. It is really fun because you can let out your energy and run around for a while. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t learned the rules of the sport you will play because the games teachers are very nice and helpful, they are happy to help you learn. You will do a few different sports. For girls you do rounders, netball and hockey as the three main sports. For boys there is football, rugby, hockey and cricket as the main sports. There are important roles for you to play and every class will have a form captain and a person who goes to school council meetings to represent your class. You can be either one of these and your classmates will vote for the person they think is best. Later on in your school life you will be expected to revise for exams in the holiday but at the moment there is no need to worry. We hope you enjoy Year 3!

Kaylan (Year 7)

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