Jun 192014
Crabbing Competition!

Crabbing Competition!


Survived M25 and M3 and arrived safely at Rockley Sailing Centre. A quick lunch-caravans allocated and then off for our first sail. Great supper-fajitas-apple crumble and then off for evening activities. Rounders and a very inferior version of Sharkey, Sharkey. Not as good as the Rose Hill version!


A full day’s sailing with great weather. A few capsizes but all of Year 8 making great progress. After pizzas for supper it was the crab catching competition. Nina claimed she had caught the most while Violet caught the biggest-judging from the screams!


Another full day of sailing exploring distant parts of Poole Harbour. Amazing to see how well all the boys and girls are doing. We stopped for lunch on a sandy beach opposite Long Island-privately owned but Mr Long claimed it wasn’t his. Went off to Splashdown in the evening for an entertaining evening on the water slides. Supper at Burger King and then back to the caravans.


Although not as sunny as Britain’s sunniest town the weather today was excellent for another all day sail. The Rose Hill fleet set off in good order and headed for a distant part of Poole Harbour- the world’s second largest natural harbour behind Sydney. (Is that correct Mr Russell?) We had a picnic lunch on a sandy beach before heading at good speed back to the Rockley Sailing centre on a strengthening following wind. A barbeque was up and running for us as we returned. Mr Long upset some of the staff by asking for a second sausage but the pupils were very well behaved-as they have been all week. We then had a climbing wall activity from 7-9 but some of the keen football followers were able to watch the England match.

Friday AM

Just setting off for our last sail on another glorious morning. The teachers are naturally upset at missing our weekly staff meeting but we will try to cope. Our sail should finish about 12-00 and then we will hear what sailing levels our group have achieved. Great to have three separate groups of resident caravanners come up to say what a nice group of pupils we have.

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Jun 182014
On Friday 13th, all the people in Year 6 including myself who weren’t at the IAPS did normal lessons.

In science we fired ‘rokits’.  We did a bar chart to record our results and if you look closely you’ll see that having the ‘rokit’ half full it will make it go the highest and furthest.

When we fired it, it unfortunately flew on top of the Art Block.

We had to go into the new building to see it and you can still see it on the roof, from the top floor.

Mr Mansfield was very upset as he lost his rokit.

Olivia (Year 6)

On Friday 13th June Year six were launching rockets with the Rokit kit. To do the experiment we needed a bottle, a tube to pump the pressure in with a nozzle at the end which releases the pressure, a little box which pumps the pressure into the tube, 3 fins and a spike to stand the rocket up. First we launched the rocket without any water, it didn’t go very far so we launched another one with the bottle filled up to the top. This one didn’t go anywhere so we tried half filled; this worked better. The bottle filled to a third full zoomed up into the sky; it was very impressive. But to try and find the best volume of water we tried a quarter; this one didn’t work. It was very interesting because when the rocket was ready to launch it fell over just in time for us to see the water vapour that was inside the bottle. When we tried again it worked but it didn’t go as far as the previous one. It was a very fun experiment.

In conclusion, the bottle that went the furthest was the one which was filled a third full of water.

Columbus (Year 6)

 In science, year 6 had a fun lesson, using the RoKit (you can probably already guess what we did!). The kit included almost everything you need, and only cost about £12, according to Mr Mansfield! The only things we needed that weren’t in the kit were a plastic bottle and a pump (and water for the experiment we were doing). We used a coke bottle, as they are stronger than water bottles. Once we had collected everything we needed, we carried it outside and set it up on the field. We filled the bottle up with different amounts of water each time before we launched it, to see if it made any difference to the height and distance the rocket went. It was surprising how high they went! The kit would be great fun to use at home.

Anna (Year 6) 

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Jun 102014

Today Year 5 visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir in Neasden, London. It was a long coach journey there and back, but the temple visit is well worth it. We finally arrived and had a quick snack before going into the temple. We took off our shoes and put them on the designated racks and then went to a room in the Haveli which had a beautiful carpet. We watched a video about how the Mandir was built. All of the marble was crafted and numbered in India and then sent to England where it was put together like a 3D jigsaw. It took just three years to complete and is in the Guinness Book of Records!

After the video we went up to the main prayer room in the Mandir and joined the Arti service. We sat boys and girls separately  and there was music and a bell ringing. The Hindu priests waved a candle in front of the murtis (statues of the gods) and then we listened to some chanting. It was a short service (8 minutes) then we led out past the finely dressed gods and if we wished we could wave our hands over the flame and then our heads as a blessing.

Afterwards we went to the top of the temple steps before going back to the Haveli for a talk and question and answer session, then a brief trip to the souvenir shop, lunch and home.

Hopefully, we will get some pupil feedback on the blog very soon!

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Jun 082014

Well done to all the Rose Hill runners at today’s Race for a Life at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells. 18 girls ran in total (as well as some mums and staff) and despite the sweltering heat, everybody did their best and added to the total of £145 made at the cake sale last week.



There was great team spirit and it was an honour to run as part of the Rose Hill team for such a worthy cause. Thank you to Mrs Wren for organising the team and school events.

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Jun 022014


Another early start and suitcases were loaded onto the coach in preparation for the journey home.

Before Le Shuttle came la boulangerie. A morning spent in a working boulangerie with talks (in French) from the owners about du pain et les croissants. Our group were the first to learn about the artisan baking of bread in a wood-burning oven.

IMG_4149 Then we were introduced to le croissant by the French baker who seemed to be Monsieur Draper x 10. Many laughs, much banging of rolling pins and quite a few ‘NONs’ later the pupils presented their croissants.


The journey home was quicker than expected and we are all happy to be back in our own beds. I think it’s true…absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Bonne Nuit.

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Jun 012014

Another fab, but exhausting day as we said au revoir to France and goeiemorgen to Belgium and set off for the Bellewaerde Theme Park.


The day started with all of us getting very wet on the flume and rapid rides. Luckily, we had our waterproofs on and the sun came out and dried us off fairly quickly. Then, we went around in groups and discovered all the other rides in the park which included the Boomerang, which is a loop-the-loop rollercoaster.

It is fair to say, we are all very tired and looking forward to an evening of chilling out and a good night’s sleep.


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