Jul 212014

Two teams from Rose Hill School (RHS) joined 89 teams from different UK schools to make up the Biggest Gathering of Goblins in the world so far. The teams came all the way from Cornwall-Norwich.

It was an early start, from 8:00am for scrutineering when the officials check the cars for safety and no moderations, so teams can’t cheat.
About 9:00am saw the team having a team briefing. It is where the team of all the racers, are told about the race. Drive well, avoid crashing as much as you can and don’t stop during an event unless there is a mechanical problem.

About 9:30 the first race of the day for the Red Devils began. It was the slalom. The course was very easy and lots of fun.

Next was the sprint. It was a short course, round a bend and stop in the garage. It was hard stopping in the garage because you gained good speed going down the hill.
The Drag race was next. This is just a straight line down a narrow bit of concrete divided into thirds. It was hard to win because you have two cars the same or better standard than you, but it was fun to race.

Lunch came next and it was a well-deserved break. Also the people for the Lap of Champions were chosen.

The “Lap of Champions” came next at about 3:00pm and all the cars raced together, starting in lanes of 5. The 2 mile lap took about 10 minutes to complete. Our cars performed well, one car from another team broke down.

Our brilliant CHEERLEADERS (Old Rose Hillians) did us proud. They made special T-shirts and had great dance routines with pompoms, to support RHS.
We won the best presented team award! The officials liked our team work, cars and, most importantly, our CHEERLEADERS!

It was a great day and I really enjoyed it. It was a surprise to win an award, of which we are all really proud of. I would like to encourage other children, at RHS, to join our fantastic Green Goblin club to keep it going, because it is so much fun!

By Lorna (Year 6)

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Jul 012014

IMG_4748On Tuesday 1er Juillet it was French day at Rose Hill there were lots of things going on at break time like Year 6 being waiters, some of the scholars did portraits of people that wanted them, there also was Ollie,Alban and Charlie being mime artists and some year 6 girls did some AMAZING dancing – all in one break time! We had a absolutely AWESOME lunch. The whole of year three did a competition where you had to design a version of the menu and Ruby came first, Lily came second and Emily came third and there were lots of runners up. In the morning we had a great assembly where we saw lots of pictures and videos about the Year 4 Boulougne trip and the Year 6 and 7 residential trip. Everyone had a GREAT day.

Milly (Year 3)

First we traded real money for fake euros. Then me, Charlie and Alban got painted as mime artists. At break the year 6 waiters and waitresses served the school with pain au chocolat and squash while me, Charlie and Alban were mimes. For lunch we had chicken, green beans and potatoes and for pudding we had profiteroles. Everybody wore red, white and blue.

Ollie (Year 7)

On Tuesday, Rose Hill School had French Day and we had pain au chocolat at break and fizzy drinks, which we ordered in French. Everyone had so much fun! It was very brilliant! Thank you Mr Draper.

Tom (Year 5)



In the morning Year 6 ran a café. They served us in French and we could order 3 types of drinks and a pain au chocolat! I ordered ribena and a pain au chocolat! For lunch we had chicken in a creamy sauce and green beans with boiled potatoes. For pudding there was profiteroles, they were very very tasty!

Will (Year 7)

I wore a red white and blue dress and it was a normal day of lessons but at break-time there were pain au chocolat and drinks and there was lots of entertainment like mime and some good dancing. After break it was lessons then lunch. It was a French lunch, there were snails!

Caitlin (Year 4)

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On French day at break we cashed in real money for fake money. Then at break we got served by the year sixes and we gave them the fake money so we got pain au chocolat and a drink. We had to order in French and there were mime artists walking around. For lunch we had chicken and there were snails. For pudding we had profiteroles.

Stan (Year 7)

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