Feb 092016

On Friday the 5th of February, school friends from year 4, 5 and 6, five teachers and some mums and dads, went to watch some football: Brighton (the Seagulls) VS Brentford.

We had to go to the Brighton Community Stadium, which meant a ride on the school bus. This was going to be a very important match because the Seagulls had not lost many matches this season so far.

We were at school waiting for the bus to arrive, and I wondered if Mr Skottowe was really nervous. Brighton is his favourite team. I pictured him in my head with butterflies in his stomach and teeth chattering like mad: I would be like that if my favourite team was playing!

When we arrived at the stadium we went straight to our seats and then the players came on the pitch for kick off. There was a crowd of 24,060 supporters who were cheering and singing. The first half went really well with Brighton scoring 2 goals although Brentford got a yellow card. I didn’t see what their player did but the referee was not happy!


In the second half Brighton scored another fantastic goal and that confirmed the final result: 3-0 to Brighton. I wonder if Mr Skottowe would have jumped up and down if we hadn’t been with him. It is great to watch your favourite team win and it was a fun evening to spend with my friends.


Dylan, Year 5


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