Feb 092015

I am happy to announce that Rose Hill will be taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from 23rd February – 8 March 2015. Year 5 has been studying Fairtrade in RS and we want to make the school and parents aware of what Fairtrade is and how we can support the cause. There will be a Fairtrade bake-sale, an assembly and information going home about why it is so important to buy Fairtrade.

More information can be found in the RS room below the 5 foot banana!


Fairtrade is a organisation that helps small farmers get a fair price for their products.

For example, bananas. Everyone buys them at some point but not everyone knows where they come from.

The Windward Islands in the Caribbean are a well-known banana grower. Before they had the help of Fairtrade, they were not getting a fair price for their products so that’s why they had the help of Fairtrade.” Sophie, Year 5.


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