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This year in 2015 the Uk is celebrating 800 years since the magna carta was signed by King John on the 12th June 1215 at Runnymede.  The Magna Carta was made because the barons of England weren’t happy about how King John was ruling. He was taxing people very hard pretending there was a war on but there wasn’t so he could get money. The Magna Carta said that any man could step forward and tell the King what to do or to stop doing something. Also the King has to abide by the laws.

Why is the Magna Carta so important?

Most people forgot about the Magna Carta but in the Stuart Era a MP called Edward Cook challenged Charles I about it. Then in America a rich aristocrat found out about the Magna Carta and used it as their start their  Democracy. After WW2 we issued a act by looking at it. It was the Human Rights Act in 1998. The Magna Carta has helped Democracy all over the world by kind of saying that every man is equal and has a right to tell the Monarch if they are doing something wrong.

Anna, Year 6


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  1. This is a great insight into what the Magna Carta did to modern democracy in not only England, but all over the world.

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