Jan 192015

On Thursday 1rd January I went to see Spurs vs Chelsea, I had an hour long journey to the Spur’s stadium called White Hart Lane. We got there with 10 minutes to spare the atmosphere was amazing with all the fans singing songs. Like when the” Spurs go marching in.” There were more fans that were Spurs than Chelsea. It was ridiculously loud in the stadium, the floor was rumbling.

There was a strong line up from Spurs and Chelsea with Harry Kane, Christian Erikson and Hugo Llioris for Spurs and Eden Hazard and Diego Costa for Chelsea.

For the first 10 minutes nothing much happened, apart from songs changing, but in the 18th minute Diego Costa scored for Chelsea, it dampened the fans spirits but they tried to encourage the players to equalise. In the 30th minute Harry Kane scored a spectacular goal.  It went into the bottom left corner of the goal from on the edge of the 18 yard box. The Chelsea supporters stopped singing songs, or if they did I didn’t hear them. Spurs got better and Danny Rose scored in the 44 minute. Christian Erikson shot but it hit the post and Danny Rose got the rebound too fast for the goalie to save it. In extra time Spurs got a penalty and Andros Townsend took it, the crowd weren’t happy about this.  Andros scored making it 3-1 to Spurs at half time.

After half time Chelsea started fighting back a lot there were desperate to draw. It didn’t go too well as Harry Kane scored again in the 52 minute. Chelsea responded by scoring in the 61 minute by Eden Hazard. Things got tight as Chelsea wanted another goal, but Spurs wanted to lengthen their lead. Spurs extended their lead in the 78 minute. Nacer Chadli scored  inside the 18 yard box. Spurs started to relax, now it was 5-2, but Chelsea scored in the 87 minute by their captain John Terry. After that nothing much happened, Chelsea came close to another goal but didn’t score. I was so happy at the full time whistle it was 5-3 to Spurs.  harrykane


This is Harry Kane.

By Anna (Year 6)

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