Jan 272016

Why Me?

Why is it always me? What a boring first sentence, I know! But, later that day something weird happened.

I was in the science lab and we were making “potions” with chemicals, when something went BANG. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention because the thing that went BANG was my test tube exploding!!! Suddenly, the room was full of smoke; the next thing I knew, the whole school was lining up outside. A figure of a man was coming out of the science lab, but it wasn’t a teacher, he was too tall. It was a ZOMBIE!!!   

Maddie, Year 5

This is a piece written for the weekly 100 Word Challenge (100WC.net), a writing challenge on a given prompt each week and it has to be EXACTLY 100 words. This week’s prompt was:

…but later that day…

Well done, Maddie!

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  1. I love your story, Maddie! It was open minded and creative! You really thought outside the box!

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