Mar 032014

Working for year eight common entranceCan you cope with school life as a year eight? In some people’s cases they can and it is simple but other people are different and they can’t. It also depends whether the year eight is in a secondary school or whether they are in the end year of prep.

If you are in a secondary school the pressure is less as you are only in your second year at the school and you are just getting used to it with no major exams and a gentle start. If you are in your last year at a prep school there is a lot more pressure as you have to cope with it being the last year with those certain teachers, you have to cope with the fact that most of your friends will be going to different schools and you probably won’t see them as much as you normally do and you have to deal with the fact that you are leaving a school which, in my case, I would have been at for ten years overall starting with Kindergarten at the age of three. There is one major thing for prep school year eights that I still haven’t mentioned and that is the Common Entrance exam to get into your next school.

The Common Entrance is taken by pupils of a year eight class who want to go to a private senior school. Common Entrance is a group of exams which decides whether you get into your school of choice. The Common Entrance consists of eight exams (or seven if you don’t do Latin) the subjects are English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, RS, French and Latin. There is also another down side and that is that in some of these subjects you have to prepare extra parts to your exam. In French you have to do four presentations with includes doing a speaking and writing exam that you have to learn them off by heart before the exam happens. Then you have Geography, in this subject you have to do a whole piece of course work. These two subjects for some people are the hardest and most demanding to deal with. The only good news about these subjects is that you get most of this work done in year seven and you finish it (normally) in the first half term back.

Good luck to everyone reading this and all people in Year 8.

Sam (Year 8)