Mar 172014

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On 3rd March (2 Mondays ago) all the children who passed the 11+ got allocated their grammar school!

Most children worked so, so, SO hard and have waited for the moment for one whole year! It is an exciting experience because you can meet lots of new friends ,have new lunches, do new clubs and much more. But on the other side many children may be nervous as they have been at a school such a long time and got used to the environment, they might not want to leave. They also might be a bit scared because they do not know what the school is like or what the children will be like. Some children will take the train or bus but the lucky ones will get dropped off by their parents. A lot of kids will have to travel a far distance and wake up early when before they had to do the exact opposite. For me it is closer and a shorter distance!

Rhea (Year 6)