Mar 242014

Penshurst Place On Tuesday 18th March, Year 5 went on a school trip to Penshurst Place for the day.  It was very fun and exciting.  We first visited a Tudor maid who told us all about Tudor fashion and then Bella had to dress up in a Tudor dress, which she found most amusing!

After that we went to see a Spanish prisoner which was interesting. He gave us lots of information about Spain and how he got captured and how his ship came to an end.  Once he had finally realised that he should not be giving us that information, he told us to leave and we went to see the Pikemen who showed us all their weapons and let us hold some.

Next we went to the Tudor kitchen where we learnt all about Tudor food and what the sailors would have eaten or taken with them.  After that we saw a musician who played us some Tudor music, which I recognised. He was very talented and could play lots of different instruments.

Once he had finished, we went to see the barber-surgeon who taught us how the Tudors would cure injuries. Our final visit was to a man who taught us all the punishments and crimes you could commit..

Grace (Year 5)

Mar 232014

On Friday 7th March Year 5 had a school trip to The Golden Hinde.  We were told about how the ship would have worked and how Sir Francis Drake and his crew lived.

My favourite part of the trip was when we found out about the punishments and about Sir Francis Drake.

The punishments were mean and disgusting. For example, if you committed mutiny on board you would be murdered. Thomas Doughty committed mutiny but, as he was an important member of the crew, he was allowed to choose his death.

If you swore on ship or said bad things about religion, you had your tongue chopped off and if you stole something you would have your hand chopped off.

Florence (Year 5)

the golden hinde