Mar 242014

the big pictureI am dyslexic and used to struggle with reading. I was always getting behind on my work. To this day my spelling is terrible.

On the 18th March 2014, my friend and I and went to see a film at Tonbridge school, organised by KWDA (Kent West Dyslexia Association.)

If you are dyslexic, it is a positive thing to have, as well as a challenge. Many very successful people are dyslexic, including, the founder and owner of the Virgin empire, RICHARD BRANSON.

Richard Branson struggled at school, so he left at 16. When he went to his headmaster, he was told that he would either go to prison or become a millionaire.  He became a millionaire. This shows that dyslexia is a learning ability in the big picture, not a disability. The only thing that dyslexia can stop is spelling and reading, but it enables you to think big.

Dyslexic people can achieve great things for instance becoming a lawyer or a doctor, as we saw on the film. They can also be good at working out problems which opens doors to many other jobs.

I am looking forward to going to my senior school next year which, I hope, will take me a step forward into the future. I got a DT scholarship there. To get it I had to get around many problems to do with the table I was making. I also knew exactly what it was going to look like from the start. This was down to dyslexia.

Whatever I choose to do in the world I am sure the advantages of dyslexia, including being able to see the big picture, will help me a lot.

My advice to all dyslexics is to work on the difficulties and relish the advantages.

Chris (Year 8)